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Type:              Full Length Drama (excerpt)

Characters:   2 men, 3 women

Setting:          Several locations in the mid to

                        late 1970s and present day

First Love

Mandy and Dan have enviable lives. They live in a gorgeous little town, teach in the high school their two children attend, and after 20 years of marriage are still deeply in love. Until one phone call throws their lives into a panic. Desperate to get away from their past, Mandy and Dan gather their kids and make a run for it, only to be tracked down by the two people that could destroy everything and bring the entire nation to their doorstep.

Only YOu

Type:              Short Comedic Play

Characters:   1 man, 1 woman

Setting:          A New York City apartment

                        Present day

There's nothing like a best friend. And there is definitely nothing like Kris and Kevin's friendship. They function like two halves of the same person even to the detriment of their own romantic and professional lives. But what's more important than your best friend?

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The Apocalypse Plays: Dust and Ash

Type:              Short Dramatic Play

Characters:   1 man, 2 women

Setting:          A bomb shelter

                        turn of the 22nd century

Years from now, a woman sits in a bomb shelter as the world falls apart outside, considering whether or not to open her door. Dust and Ash features the meeting of three refugees of the former United States, each going to extremes to protect what they have left. Each wanting a little more.


Dust and Ash is one story from a play of vignettes entitled The Apocalypse Plays.

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